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The Baby Bistro Box 2nd edition. For expectant mothers and babies 0-12 months.

When I had my first baby Adam, I had a ton of questions about starting solid foods.

He didn’t like rice cereal, was oatmeal OK?
How much protein did he need?
What foods should I avoid if I have allergies in my family?
Does it really matter if I started yellow fruits before green vegetables?
Is organic food a better choice?

My list was endless, but the hours in the day weren’t. I didn’t have enough time to read dry books and articles about all the latest and greatest nutritional science and my sleep deprived brain wouldn’t have remembered it if I did.

But I had a secret resource...
My sister Christina had just graduated with a Masters of Science degree in Nutritional Science and she was a phone call away. I called her day and night. She knew if I could feed Adam citrus berries and she clued me in about a nutrient that is essential for brain and eye development. I tried to listen carefully and I wrote everything down on scraps of paper that I promptly lost. Once again Christina came to my rescue. She created the Baby Bistro Box®.


The Toddler Bistro Box

For 1-3 Years



Christina Schmidt M.S., N.E,
author of The Baby Bistro Box, The Toddler Bistro Box, and The Baby Bistro book
The Baby Bistro Box takes the guesswork out of feeding your baby. It is packed with up to the minute nutritional guidance, baby food recipes and tips for what to buy at the grocery store. You don’t have to read all the labels on the baby food jars because Christina did it for you.

“I have parents coming in everyday looking for something exactly like you have created.”
— Dan Brennan, M.D., Pediatrician

“With Baby Bistro, the potentially complicated territory of infant feeding is condensed to convenient, accurate and easy to understand cards. This novel approach to feeding advice is all any new parent should need to feed their baby with confidence."
— Dr. Bryan Vartabedian, M.D., Pediatric Gastroenterologist expert reviewer for Fit Pregnancy Magazine, author of First Foods

"A friend of mine bought The Baby Bistro Box for us as a shower gift. Tell you what!! All I can say is I Love It, it's the best helping hand and the best gift I've ever received. Now my boy is moving to his toddler stage and now I need The Toddler Bistro Box."
— Kate, a mommy from Thailand

Each Baby Bistro Box has color coded sections that correspond to your baby’s age. No more reading an entire book to figure out the nutrient needs for your 6 month old. It is all there on one card that you can pull out and read when you have time.

Toss the shopping tips cards in your purse to take to the grocery store.
Amaze your playgroup with a healthy and delicious “Fast Fruit Puree” from one of the recipe cards. Ease teething pain with “Treats for Teethers”. There are even special cards that address your dietary needs during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In all there are over 70 friendly “girlfriend” style cards to help you feed your Baby Bistro baby.


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    I love babies and children, and am fascinated with the effect of nutrition on their growth and development. My research convinces me that the impact of a proper nutritional foundation during the fetal stages through the first few years of life can help secure optimal future health.

    How could I educate parents? How could I make it fun and easy for busy moms to feed their babies and access the information they needed? I decided to put all the answers in a box, and The Baby Bistro Box® was born. It has been rewarding to hear the positive responses of parents and grandparents to “the box.”

    In fact, almost from day one of The Baby Bistro Box release, I have been asked for a sequel to help with the challenges of feeding toddlers. I am thrilled to announce the release of The Toddler Bistro Box for 1-3 year olds. It has been a joy for me to grow along with your babies, and I wish you all the best and healthy feeding of your loved ones!

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